Hill Climb



The Hill Climb event runs from Thursday 8:00 PM EST to Tuesday 8:00 PM EST.

This event takes place over 5 days. Each day has a different “featured game” for users to play. The objective is to accumulate the most RP earnings for each featured game. At the end of the day players will be rewarded based on their position on the leaderboard of that game. At the end of the event, your total RP earnings from each day will be added up and players will be reward based on their position on the Event leaderboard.

Everyday you will be alerted which game is the featured game. After that it's up to you and lady luck!

You can also check the Hill Climb/Event Leaderboard on the right side of the staircase which heads up towards VIP.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

  • Day 1: War
  • Day 2: Blackjack
  • Day 3: Roulette
  • Day 4: Craps
  • Day 5: Bingo



Can we get like the payouts for what place we got to finish in to get something