Earn RP at every slot machine - how?


New member

I have managed to gain RP at 9/10 slot machines but I cannot see that there are 10 machines available in game? How can I complete the weekly if I cannot even see 10 different types of machine?


Community Manager

The full list should be as below. If one of them doesn't seem to be getting checked off correctly when played, a restart and trying again might help with completing the task.

  • 888 Slots
  • Winds of Fortune
  • Fish and Chips
  • Spinning Cogs
  • Big Top Slots
  • Gold Rush
  • Seasonal Slots
  • Millionaire Manor
  • Slots in Space
  • Treasure Trap



Sometimes I have to get more than 5 RP at each machine to get it to pop. Hope that helps!

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