Playing poker, great hand, 4 players, 1 drops, I raise a chunk, another drops, and it's me and 1 other; she calls my raise(with a chunk in the pot)......then DCs,, and instead of me winning the pot, we all get the droppers chips divided up amongst us, and I watch all those chips I pumped into the pot disappear, and go back to the bettors. Should have won all of her chips, but got punked instead.  Still, won the match, but seriously....

C'mon DL.

I believe this is more of a network connection that anything. What is DL supposed to do if people don't have good internet. Look at it this way if someone is trying to pass you something and there is no way to get it to you it will go back to the original person. Yes it sucks that you lost that hand but it has nothing to do with DL servers. Since there patch the game has worked flawlessly