Slots Payout Unfair. 400k lost in 2 hours


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Was playing Four Kings 2/25/2016 around 3 P.M. Pacific Eastern Time, and I was abruptly kicked in the middle of a bonus round during slots that had amounted to about 25,000 chips and was met with the menu screen with a message that stated that the servers could not be reached at the time. I checked my internet and it certainly wasn't from my end, so it was for sure a server problem from Digital Leisure's end. I passed it off and waited an hour or two before returning to play slots again, I was sitting at about 930,000 chips when the servers went down.

An hour or two passes and I'm itching to play slots again so I return. Hoping to make back what I had lost, before I return to slots I ask for a refund for my 25,000 chips lost due to the server outtage and return to slots, about 10 minutes in I notice that only once or twice on max bet max line slots I got a big win only once or twice, at that moment I estimate that when I started playing slots after the outtage I had 930,000 chips, after the ten minutes of playing I was probably sitting at 850,000 chips and I was left defeated because the payout was utterly unbearable. I think to myself that this is a game of chance so surely I should win big soon, it never happens. The only amount I come close to as far as a big win goes is only about 20 to 30 thousand chips every 15 minutes I sink in. At that moment I believe I was sitting at 745,000 chips. I persist because I honestly couldn't believe that the payouts were this bad when just a couple hours ago I always managed to come even or even just 10 or 20 thousand chips above what I enter slots with. I really can't believe that I would be robbed of 400k chips because of some server error. I have payed to support this game and I don't see why I should support a system that can be so glitchy or broken so easily.

If there was no error caused by the server outtage I can understand, but losing 400k in a measly 2 hours is absolutely absurd to say the least. I know I could have easily stopped playing slots, but I just couldn't believe that I wouldn't be getting good payouts for the amount of chips I was sinking into this game. This has never occurred in all my time playing slots and that is pretty much the only game I have been playing for the past week. I hope that if this was an issue that I receive a refund for the broken state of the slots game after the server error. I created an account because of this issue and I hope I can have this resolved ASAP. I do intend to support this game in the future, but if my chips are taken from me so easily I would be very wise to think twice before I sink another 20$ into this broken state of a game that is slots.

Thanks for reading. I hope this issue can be resolved so people like myself aren't abused into spending money on a game that would be so blunt to take people's money away so easily. I play on the PlayStation 4, and my username is xXDj_iSakXx. I have sunk countless hours into this game and I am now very hesitant to continue playing this game if my chips are down the drain within two hours. Thank you for your time, and I hope this can be resolved soon.

Thank you for your time
~ Isaac M.

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Its called gambling for a reason. You are not supposed to win. Slots statistically have the highest house edge in all of gambling.  I am actually surprised you had any chips remaining if you really did play for 2 straight hours. I have lost 200,000 chips in about 10 mins so what you lost really isnt all that bad.



I sympathize with IsaacPlays4Kings, something does seem off about payouts. Try this, play Slots or Blackjack for 1/2 hour at minimum bets only, while keeping track of the number of wins compared to losses. Then play the same game after raising your bet by any amount(small or large), again keeping track of the number of wins compared to losses. Now compare both results.

Blackjack also seems to withhold dealing out and 11 during a daily challenge requiring you to double-down on an 11. Just for fun, take note of how often the opportunity to split aces is dealt compared to the same opportunity when the weekly challenge requires you to split aces.

If you want VIP your better off sticking to poker. Minimum or small bets on any other game will find you lacking RP by the end of the month. For the observant it doesn't take an entire month to see how this is fact. If you are a conservative bettor, you might want to make friends with someone who can send you a VIP invite.

On top of all that you have to deal with getting booted out of game frequently and to login back in seems to hang and stop loading more times then it doesn't.

I bought the auto dabber, feeling $5 worth of regret. I wanted to buy the 400,000 chip package with VIP, feel as though I've dodged a bullet on that count.

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Thank you for the suggestions and replies, GREAKFREED, I am fully aware that it's called gambling for a reason but the payout is absolutely ridiculous, I am usually able to come up with more chips that I enter with, usually. My surprise is that out of the 100 to 300 spins I used in slots, only returned about 20 to 30 thousand every 10  to 15 minutes. I usually always play slots and losing this much is not normal to me while playing.

Lead_Flunky, I will definitely take your works into consideration, I just feel as though I may lose another great sum of chips. Like I said above the ratio of losses to wins was usually even as far as the payout of chips for time played goes. I mainly only play slots now and every time I played day after day I always managed to come up on top or just below 5 thousand or 15 thousand chips every day. To lose this much chips in one day when I regularly play the same way is really confusing to me.

Thanks for the replies.
~ Isaac M



This game sucks. Games are rigged, and glitchy don't make same mistake I did.

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