Missing Chips


New member

Last night I was playing Blackjack for a while. I was winning but also loosing a lot. I forgot at what amount of chips I actually stopped playing but it was over 10k, One thing I do remember clearly was the last digit which was a 7. I remember it so well because it kinda bugs me when I don't have straight numbers in my amount of chips (that's just me lol). In Blackjack there is no way of changing that last digit since u can only increase bets by 50, 100 and 1000.

This morning I log into the game and I have EXACTLY 4000 chips... how is that possible exactly?

This happened to me but mine totaled 300,000 that game took from me. There is some glitch with there servers since the EU update. I played VIP blackjack 10,000 hands started at 20,000 and left with 320,000. When I came back not only were the chips back down to 20,000 but also 2 daily and 1 weekly task i had completed had also been marked incomplete.

While the tasks were not hard to achieve I am hoping by letting Digital Leisure know this is could look into the problem. There have been other users that have reported this as well losing whatever they had won before leaving the game and then coming back and having the chips they started with prior to winning.