Future plans?



Hey, this is a question and suggestion at same time. I was wondering if you guys have any plans to add/improve the following in the future?

- Advanced avatar customization (more options)

- Personal space decoration

- New spaces (private/public)

- Chatlog (would be good if we could click the names within the chatlog and a menu would pop up: add friend, view profile etc.)

- Bowling / pool

- Grapics / visual improvements (e.g. more detailed avatars, shadows etc.)



Hi Tubifex-90! I just moved this to the suggestions forum. We've gotten a lot of similar suggestions and requests, and a lot of these are on our wishlist as well! Some items are already in the pipeline (like new spaces and clothing items), but some are much larger undertakings and won't be coming for a while. We're working hard to improve the core experience first and foremost, but with some patience we hope to bring a lot of these features to you in the future!