Any router ports that we should make sure are open or NAT'd?



Just wondering if there is anything special that we can set in our router to get a more stable connection with Four Kings servers?  Any ports on the router that should be forwarded to my PS4?

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if got one the new comcast modems with the 5gh, wifi , then nothing , since ps4 not got it set up like the 4 year old android phones, as for ports if got modern modem from your isp that rental get new one now , since should not need it , but sony does block isp speeds for some reasons. use , and can see were the block is at also , notice 99% time on sony side . or some wtf hop on the 6 or 10 hops /

Sony test say the modem got issues that BS's , and you can see why , Sony is lost on the speeds . Since they got 10 year software running psn /.

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