bingo dabber


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Can we buy the dabber with rp eventually?  I have a lot of rp, just not interested in buying clothes ect.



There are no plans to make the Auto Dabber available for RP. Thanks.


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Gotcha...thanks for the quick response smile



Is there anyway that u can when u jump in a bingo a little late can u make it where the auto dabber marks off what has already been called or have a button that u hold to mark off what has been called

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^That would convince me to buy one.



Thats exact what they wanna spend Lots of Real money.



I think they specifically made it not mark off already called numbers... just as a penalty for joining the game late.   Previously you could not join late at all.

takkewyf, yup, DL is trying to make money somehow on this otherwise "free" game... but I don't fault them for that.

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It's not really been made that way as a penalty for joining late, it's more to stop cheats. User joins game at start, as bad cards with hardly any numbers marked, quits, rejoins and gets better cards that are then auto marked and goes on to win.

That's the case that DL was stopping from being able to happen by only making it dab cards from after you join.