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First, I'd like to say the new update is great. I haven't experienced any crashes since ever, so that's always a plus. Still a bit of lag, but at least we're not crashing anymore. But I wanted to address an issue with viewing rewards for each game.

So we can see what the reward looks like... For guys. That's great lol. But how about viewing rewards for girls? The only female counterpart of a reward I've ever seen is the Slots Tier 40 reward. Other than that, all the icons only show what the guys' stuff look like. Can we get a preview of the girls' stuff too?



AMEN! There should also be a "REWARDS," section in the Stores, showing ALL rewards for both genders.

At present, you have to go to … ts/rewards
or … ufacturers

Why do users have to go online to some other website to see 4K rewards? That catalog of items should be viewable on DL, as well as IN GAME, in it's entirety, not through the convoluted Rewards option, where you have to highlight each game, and then click to see the reward qualifiers and THEN have to highlight and click AGAIN to see the picture of the reward.

SIMPLIFY! Have the menu for specific games, but present the whole catalog display, don't make us navigate so much!!!

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agreed moz, make it user friendly