The Camel's Back



After not being able to log in at all for the past 2 days, after being scrogged out of chips, RP and status(including losing VIP) because of "server issues/maintenance/availability,etc." I was finally able to connect to the game tonight.

Composed a detailed message as to exactly why I am unhappy, with all the whistles and bells, and while I am typing, get a message that I've been DCed due to inactivity. As much as I'd love to get my point across, I'm not typing all that again.

I spent a lot of time, and some effort, promoting this game, because DL. 

Very. Disappointed.



Brewskin, yup connection issues have been really bad for the past week or so.  I'm sure they are working on it but they do only have a small team.  I feel bad for them as I have a feeling that these continuing issues are going to cost them a lot of customers.

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We made one major server improvement yesterday which should lead to much better stability when we reach maximum players during the day.  We are continuing to make improvements so stability will continue to increase.



Keep up the good work Digital Leisure. I have yet to encounter any major issue.