Tier 40




Been playing a few more games, and it's been great, but I have a suggestion regarding achieving tier 40 in all the games. As far as I'm concerned, tier 40 for all the games means getting 50K RP, no matter what you're playing. However, not all of the games have the same RP payout. Like Blackjack you get an average of 40 RP per hand, and slots only gives you 2 RP on average per spin. It doesn't seem fair that slots still needs 50K RP for tier 40 when you get so little per spin. So if you could change the tier requirements for each game to make it proportional to their payout, I think that'd be good.


Carla Birch


Games like War and so on, should have a lower RP to hit tier 40 i agree with that, due to the much lower RP you can win over the same time frame, it seems like far too much of a grind and that's likely why not many play them games.