Floating Crown/ Rattlesnake Item/Reward




I would like to start off by saying how much im enjoying the Four Kings Casino & Slots and so far its been a very pleasant experience no doubt.  smile

Now, why I am here is because just a little over a week ago I was in the VIP room and suddenly I saw not 1, but 2 individuals who were wearing a Floating Crown above their heads and one also had a Rattlesnake companion as well.

I approached one of the guys to ask about it and all he said was he bought it and yet you cant buy it since I literally looked through every possible store and found nothing. Then approached the other guy and what he told me is that you get the crown by getting a Royal Flush in Jacks or Better, so I said ok, fair enough, yet after asking a few of my friends who have already gotten a Royal Flush said they have no such crown anywhere in their inventory, so one of my friends confronted the guy with the same question and all he had to say this time is that you need to get 2 Royal Flushes in the same sitting to obtain the crown...like seriously what kind of lie is that, the odds of getting a RF in Vid Poker are already slim to none so getting 2 in one sitting to get this crown would be complete madness! Almost non-existent.

As for the Rattlesnake companion he said you need to roll Snake Eyes 4 times in a row in craps, but honestly, I dont want to spend my time and money only to find out that its another hoax.

So I am here to shed some light on this mystery. Are they rewards? How do you obtain them? Or were these 2 guys just testing some kind of item that would be released later on?? Unless the rewards arent retroactive then they were lying. I would really love to hear what DL has to say about this because ive asked around everywhere and nobody seems to have even heard about them which I find really strange. They aren't even listed anywhere under the Rewards section in-game so this made me even more curious about them.

Thank You for taking the time to read and hope to see an official response soon, thanks!


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I seen the same 2 guys playing craps in VIP last week. Where do you get these items Omega is talking about?

When Are You Guys Gonna Release A Nobility 6 Reward Outfit? I Hope It's Better Than The Nobility 4 Reward Outfit.
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Hey guys,
These were some test items which were accidentally rewarded to the accounts. We've done some housekeeping and those won't show up in game until they are ready for prime time! Lots of fresh stuff in the queue and we hope to have an official patch release thread up soon.




Thank You for the swift reply DL_Paul!

At Least now I can rest easy and not waste my time with said games, looking forward to the patch release thread soon then, thank you. smile

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Just looking at old threads here.  Looks like the floating crown was implemented as a reward for the Hill Climb event.  As far as a rattlesnake companion.  I'd have been interested to see that.