A few questions for ya


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If you don't mind....

1) When will the current season end?

2) What is the reward for finishing a game in the top 10 leaderboard?

3) Why are the leaderboard scores so much higher for playstation than steam?  I am comparing the season 1 leaderboard scores to the season 3 leaderboard scores and you will note there is a huge tendency for scores to be much higher on playstation - is playstation just much more competitive?  Seems like it will be impossible to finish at the top of anything!

4) When will the new update pop for playstation and what's included?

Thanks for reading!

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In regards to point 3, you may note that the playstation top score for season 1 was around 4.8 million, whereas it was around 1.3 million for PC season 3.



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I figured out 1 and 2 by reading the forums.  Thank you all.



#3 - Yes, just more competitive.  The games are identical.
#4 - The next update has been submitted to Sony.  We're aiming for the first or second week of May subject to making it through the Sony QA process.