Be able to make a new Avatar on the same account.


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I thought that in the beginning, it didn't matter which avatar you picked because you can customize them later. However, I noticed that my avatar didn't look as nice as other avatars on the game. For an example, the cheeks on my avatar are ugly but some other people's avatars have normal looking cheeks. I would love to recreate my avatar from another preset character.

yes i concur we should be able to delete our character and choose a new pre set



If there is anything you don't like about your avatar's face, you can change all of your facial settings in the avatar customization menu. All of our presets are made using the options available to you there. That said, being able to choose a new preset is something we had for the PC version in the log in screen. There is no log in for the PS4 as it just uses your PSN ID, so that is likely something we missed transferring over. I am sure we could look into moving that option to the settings menu, instead.

So your saying the presets dont mean anything? if i pick a black guy preset i can still make him look the same as any other preset?

oh well add it anyway - that would be a nice extra feature

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Yes, exactly. The presets are meant to give you a good starting point, and would be useful if you want a total do-over on your avatar... but you can make any combination there using the options in the avatar customization menu.