Upcoming Update

DL staff, we are aware of the new slots machine in a near-future update, but are there any new clothing items that are going to made available any time soon? You can tell me, promise to keep it a secret.   angel



Is there a date announced yet for the next update that adds the extra VIP poker table?

Need a webmaster? See vidberg.com



We are still in the testing process.

We will let you know when we have a set date.



We'll post full update notes when the patch is approved, but I'll highlight some key features:

  • New Slot Machine - Fish n Chips
  • Revised Task Tracker and notification UI
  • New rewards for events
  • Added an event tracker to better track your progress through events
  • New Music

Many Bothans died to bring us this information.


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ok my PSN id is KREK007 u buy 50 000 chips and get nothing !



Hi Whereskill,

  This is off topic for this thread so I'm going to redirect you to our Known Issues forum here: http://forum.casino.digitalleisure.com/ … php?id=452

   The forum is not the best place for private support, but we'll be happy to help resolve the issue if you email us at techsupport@digitalleisure.com with your PSN ID and a copy of your PSN store receipt for your purchase.