Make Clothes Match up

so youve made some tier 40 outfits for games and they look nice, andddd youve made some nice stuff in the shops BUT!!!!!! why oh why dont the color options match on ALL!!! these items, how hard is it to include the same color choices for everything!!!!??? People like customization not just the games we want to make our outfits matchup and be different from other ppl.

So let us match up our accessories with any outfit won or bought if i have a tier 40 outfit from say baccarrat i wanna match it with any hat to that color outfit any shoe that color outfit etc etc. Lets say i have nobility level 3 and the outfit i won is a beige color. Youd be hard pressed to find any accessory thats beige as well. Why is this? i want to wear a hat that matches. I hope i made my point clear.

Love the game just wish developers could make customization a higher priority in the beginning its the one thing gamers can all agree is most important especially in open world concept games like this where your looking at your avatar all the time.
Also maybe a color slider bar for darker and lighter colors...i notice most of your clothing options is just slightly different in shade than the pants or tops. the reds wont match just slightly darker or lighter. This i found is common i'd like the ability to manually (if you guys arent gnna do it) to use a slider bar and match up the colors on differnt things my avatar is wearing.

Hope this made sense. Thnx