Free Chip Multiplier



With the latest update, the Free Chip multiplier for VIP has been removed.
This is a very petty and niggardly (NOT a racist word!) approach to things by DL. The argument was given that some players were somehow getting too many chips this way...

At Level 3 VIP, you achieved a MAXIMUM of 1000 chips, every 15 minutes.
That is a MAXIMUM of 4,000 free chips an hour.
For people playing the game, That isn't even enough to buy into a game of poker.
While I can imagine some players 'collecting and hoarding' chips, for anyone playing the games, even with the generous odds of 4K, I just can't see people becoming multi-millionaires at 4,000 an hour.

Instead, it seems like a penalty.

Why not just CAP the free chips if people are not playing the game?
If you have not played ANY game in the Casino during the last HOUR, you get 250 chips.
IF you are VIP, AND you have been ACTIVE in a GAME ( NO multipliers for DANCING or Socializing), You then get your VIP 1, 2, or 3 Multiplier of 500, 750, or 1,000 chips every 15 minutes.
This would REWARD VIP PLAYERS, and encourage them to GAME, while minimizing the 'hoarding' abuses by some.

Many VIP players think the removal of the multiplier is a ripoff.
DL will not encourage us to buy chips by being SO petty  with a perk REWARD that you have to EARN by reaching VIP Level 3.
The Multiplier was the ONLY PERK for achieving VIP 3 in the first place!
Otherwise, why bother?

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VIP levels still have many perks. VIP multipliers are still in effect for:

-Daily Free chips
-Daily Tasks
-Completion of all Daily Tasks bonus
-Weekly Tasks
-Daily Super Slots

Plus there are bonuses on chip packs purchased based on VIP level:
VIP1: 5%
VIP2: 10%
VIP3: 15%