When some one who is getting death threats from another player why do four kings decide to ban the person who was getting death threats? And the player who was saying all the threats is free to threatened people and nothing happens?I would like to know what digital leisure policy is on a woman getting death threats from someone in four kings?

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When a report comes in, we review all chat logs for abusive language. This is why we recommend in all cases to report abusive players and then block them, which will hide you from them and them from you. We don't make exceptions for people using abusive language whether they were defending themselves or others or not. Abuse and harassment are not tolerated in the casino and players who break those rules will be dealt with accordingly.

In all cases we recommend to report and block abusive users.

Carla Birch


Two wrongs don't make a right......Report & Block and then move on. It really is that easy, many trolls want a reaction from the person they are giving abuse to, so don't rise to it and give them what they are after, It hurts the troll more if they get no reaction and you just report & block.