Roulette needs some love please


New member

Hello!  Been enjoying Four Kings Casino for about a week now.  I downloaded it to play Roulette.  My wife and I had just been on a cruise and we played a lot of roulette on the boat and did pretty well.  I wanted to come home and play a bunch of roulette to see if my "system" would profit over the long run, just for fun.  I have managed to parlay my original free 10,000 into quite a bit but I am a bit disappointed with the version of roulette in the game.  I just have a few suggestions that I think would improve the roulette experience for me.

1.  Black is generally on the right of the game board but in your game it's on the left.  This bothers me continuously.  lol
2.  The minimum bet should be $50.  Or at least $100 outside bets and $50 inside bets.  What I mean is I should be able to put $50 on 2 different squares instead of being forced to always play $100 or more. 
3.  VIP should have European roulette with one less green spot.  It just should.  Very disappointed to unlock VIP and no European roulette. 

I really want to simulate real life roulette and if these few things were change I think it would go a long way to improve the game.  Thanks.  Otherwise I'm loving the game.