Hill Climb Event - POOR Notifications.



I see another Hill Climb is scheduled for this weekend.
This will be the 3rd one I probably won't partake in...WHY?
Because other than the announcement interspersed with the ubiquitous Free Bingo Notification, I NEVER KNOW what stupid game is "the" game of the moment in the Hill Climb.

All we ever see is the generic announcement, along with the exhortation to check the stupid board down in the lobby.
That board NEVER specifies WHICH GAME is currently OR upcoming in the Hill Climb. And the "flash" Notification ALSO never specifies what game is up.

The Hill Climb Notifications need to SPECIFY!
"The next stage of the Hill Climb, BINGO, has begun, see the info board for more details..." Then I would know to go play Bingo, if I wanted to join the Hill Climb.

Clear communication is key for events. DL has done a fantastic job with the tutorials for the games, even the hard ones, like Craps.
Why can't the notifications be a bit better at informing us of specifics, instead of generic announcements?

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