Notifications Option



It would be SO nice to be able to check a box and opt out of Notifications for specific games (I am looking at YOU, 'Free Bingo' game!) that repeatedly come up on your screen to inform you of things you don't care about. Especially the ones that pop up very frequently.

When 'Play a round of Bingo,' is one of the Daily Tasks, offer an 'Opt In' for Notifications along with the Task:
"Play a round of Bingo - Would you like to be informed when the Free Bingo games are coming up? Yes No'
Clicking Yes would check the "Turn on Casino Game Notifications."
You could turn OFF Game Notifications in your Acct. Panel, but still be notified when Free Chips are available, or when Events are upcoming.
But each of those should also have an Opt Out checkbox. Sometimes, you don't care to stop playing to go collect a measly 250 chips, when you are dropping 10K for every hand of BlackJack...