Some digressions and some *COOL* Ideas, for Users & Mods/Admins!

Hello everybody!

- INTRODUCTION! big_smile -

Hi Folks! Vicious here!
I'm Italian so probably My English won't be perfect (at all!) but the importance here, is that My Tips will be understandable!
One of My roomates already shared some of Her thoughts about the Four Kings Casino's experience itself.
I wanna do the same - in a more and precise way of thinking/writing.

I'm really into Gameing lately - and in the meantime I do a lots of University Events (expecially Partys - between Exams!) and a lot of research.
When I stumble upon Four Kings for the first time I was like: ok, it's a FREE Service and a FREE Experience - can't wait to try it!
It was fun and the Chips were at a very affordable and at an honest price (as an almost all-the-time broke student & worker, I always considere all the aspects) and I spent a little on the Casino and ItalianoNelCuore well....I just made Him buy like - maybe more than 800.000 Chips for Me! And it was and felt great.
I talked about the Game to, I think - My entire Friend's List (and of the almost 400 of Them, I think 100 downloaded the Game just to try it!) and to all the almost 100,000 Subscribers of My old YouTube Channel in a Vlog.

I played quite a lot of Poker!
A lots of people knew Me when I was grinding on V.I.P. Poker! many hours spent into grinding to V.I.P. 3!
I was almost always the "White Horse". So fun. And I got a lot of free Items too in almost all the Games.
Playing quite frequently, I noticed the appealing Trophy's List and was down with it: I had to get all the Trophies of the Casino!
They looked challenging but hey: that's how I like it!

- THE LITTLE INCONVENIENCE! (Personal matter, but may involve lots of other Players.) -

The only "problem" that appeared out of nowhere was within the Update and the following D.L.C. Trophies added in extension.
When it comes to Games, as for Life other little or bigger Goals, I go enough hardcore on it until I complete everything: leaving things uncompleted would make me feel deeply uncomfortable and sad!
So I thought: ok, I'll complete the main Trophies and then focus on the D.L.C.
The problem is: I simply can't, unless I got some extreme luck.
There's only one Trophy missing, it's the "We Three Kings".

I talked a lot, really - a lot about it with My rommates and some other Devs (Italian Devs of some Indie Games for the PlayStation 4 Indie Games's Section).
And My (personal problem, I know) paranoia of Servers being closed or discontinued like happened for PlayStation Home is giving Me (Gaming) nightmares.
Not to mention My chronophobia (I'm two Exams left before My degree in neuropsychology and I can confirm that I'm 100% chronophobic even by autodiagnosis....T_T) and so everyday, day after day - I tried, and I tried, I tried hoping all the time to get the Trophy - but of course is not happening. Phew'.
I'm logging everyday now to collect the daily "Token" and try to use them 30 in a row every months.
I guess if I will even be able to do it before I die - no joking.
That's from a strictly personal point of view.

But here's the math: in a year there are 365 tries, and there are at least 8 different Symbols (if I recall correctly) to match into the Daily Super Slot.
*1 chance over 512 a day.
*365 chance over 186.880 a year.

Those numbers are pretty SCARY for Me, honestly. Spooky!
And becouse I completed every Online portion of all the Games I Played (G.T.A. V not included becouse I just started) having in few months a Profile complete at 99,99% just becouse I won't get this Trophy, bother Me even maybe more than necessary.
But I'm too dedicated so I hope You will read and consider the (superamazingreasonable) Tips that will follow.
I even Played 30 hours for 3 different Trophies for Battlefield 4 D.L.C.!
And recently got the Overwatch Platinum (completely Online).
If that's not (virtual) blood, sweat and dedication on having a 100% Completionist Profile I don't know what is it.

- THE TIPS! <3 -

My rommate told a lot of interesting Tips for the Casino. Hell Yeah they sound amazing!
But please consider this at least for the easly implementation that could allow Us all to enjoy them.
In the F.A.Q. (I think) some of the Admins told that they wanna keep the V.I.P. Status monthly based becouse reward Players that actually - PLAY - of course!
But why don't make the System a little bit more rewarding and helpful even for people that wanna complete all the Trophies of the Game?

Here's My idea, based on the fact that almost all the Players are not V.I.P. 3 or maybe even V.I.P.

1) Are You a new arrived Player? Welcome to the Player base, 250 Chips every "x" minutes and a single Daily Super Slot "Token" every time You enter the Casino!
2) Are You a V.I.P. 1? Well, for You here's a bonus "Token" for every day You enter the Casino and mantain this actual Status! Daily Super Slot "Tokens": 2!
3) Are You a V.I.P. 2? Well, for You here's another bonus "Token" for every day You enter the Casino and mantain this actual Status! Daily Super Slot "Tokens": 3!
4) Are You a V.I.P. 3? Well, that's dedication! For You here's another bonus "Token" for every day You enter the Casino and mantain this actual Status! Daily Super Slot "Tokens": 4!
5) Are You a Nobility 1? We're honored to catch Your attention in the Casino every day! You'll be rewarded with an extra Daily Super Slot "Token" forever - separated and added to the current V.I.P. Status!

Example: a V.I.P. 3 Status Player with a Nobility 1 would recive every day 5 "Tokens".

And so on.

Not to mention that a lot of Players are waiting for this to change before download, play and pretty surely - spend - on the Game.
Help Me and everybody in the same situation with this and the Casino will be full of new Players!


Disclaimer: some Ideas come purely from My experience in the real (and Online too) world where I managed to create a lot of big Events, gathering thousands of peoples togheter!

*If it doesn't exist already (I searched without success) the Admins or the Mods (or trusted Players) should create an Official Community for the Game.
*You should definitely use a P.R. to Sponsor the Casino in the right Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages etc. (same goes for Twitter - without being invasive, but more visible).
*You should really consider YouTube to brings views into interesting aspects of the Casino: rely on a good P.R. to show them off in a cool way.
*I watched some of Yours Twitch Streams: it's good to have some Admins doin'it - but people wanna see other Players having fun to be attracted on the Service.
*Give Players more V.I.P. Passes - if there will be more, more Players will be able to go into V.I.P. Room(s) and spend to buy more Chips to play that Games.
*If You'll implement new Trophies (and I HOPE WITH MY SOUL that You find a turnaround to this one, please, please - PLEASE!) base them not on pure luck, but actual dedication, or challenges (like: "One at day.: Complete a week of daily challenges." or: "Weekylist.: Complete 2 weeks in a row all the daily and weekly challenges.").
*Give Players a Chess-like Game in their base personal space or some variant to make it more interesting and showing off the potential of having fun with close Friends, in a private space.
*Hire Me! Just kidding, but consider putting Me into the Staff - I could be more useful than I may appear, and I think You can apprecciate the effort I put in everything!

*More to come!*


Please Admins, PLEASE - Digital Leisure Developers, please: if I spent all this time writing all of this, consider it in all the details and shades, and do consider - for real - some or all of the options.
You are the Boss, You are the Creators.
We love that, We respect that.
Please, show some love back discussing (and involving, if possible) and for God's sake helping Me with My main issue!

I tried the V.I.P. and Nobilty "Tokens" turnaround not to ask to change the requirement for the Trophy, even if with a little research, I discover it's actually possible.
Here's a link: … h=8a3f3b11

Maybe allowing people to get "just" three of a kind and changing the name and description of the Trophy with: "Three, for the Kings!: Get three Symbols of a kind on the Daily Super Slot." would help. A lot. Please consider every aspects!

That said: I hope this Post will get the attention that deserve, looking forward to hear some news from You, D.L.!
Good night and....thanks for Your time!