Poker glitch Sill needs a fix!

So dunno if this is known or not but on poker in VIP if you have a few ppl going allin at any point in the game and one person bows out cause they knw they lost so they force leave the table, it glitches and instead of awarding the winnings to the best hand it splits it up and gives everyone a piece of the pot.

This has happened to me on more than 4 occasions where i had a winning hand and i forced a few players allin they got up as the cards were being shown and BAM all MY winnings would be givin and seperated among  each remaining player as if the hand was glitched.

frustrating when u could have eliminated a few players but because 1 force leaves the other remaining players who wouldve been out, remain and get a piece of the remaining chips in the pot.

Could you please look into this and fix it so when a player force leaves cause they know they lost the winning hand still gets all credit for the hand.




Thanks.  We'll get that fixed.