Will 4 kings cost?



Ive heard both sides from the base game will be free to the base game will be $30 can i get a offcial respone please

Carla Birch


I'm not official, but the Four Kings will be free to play, but you will be able to buy a "All In" package that gives you more starting chips, vip access for the first month, some "All In" limited outfits and a few VIP guest passes to give out.

This is the same deal as the Steam version got so it's highly likely the same format will be followed.



Carla's right - the game itself will be free to play. We plan on offering some (optional) starting packs for those who wish to buy them. These will include a pack of chips and some cosmetic items for your avatar. You will also be able to buy chip packs for when you need a top-up, and some clothing and cosmetic items will be purchasable for real money. You will be able to earn most clothing items using RP, though. And everyone will start with 10,000 chips for free, with easy ways to earn more through completing daily and weekly tasks, free spins on the daily slot machine, etc. PS+ users will also be able to download a special starter pack for free which includes an extra 10,000 chips, a PS+ badge and unique clothing item.