Ideas for: a "Time Travel Tickets" - why not?

Hello again, Developers and Staff of Four Kings.

As I said I'm really excited about the new Update: can't wait to try it!
But I see I'm not alone into having poor luck in achieving the "We, Three Kings" Trophy - and here's a nice (and I hope creative) turnaround! big_smile
I may even create a list of possible more turnarounds to this in the future, including past ideas....but for now, please consider this, discuss this and:

let's introduce: the Time Travel Tickets!

What is it and how it works.

In a matter of facts, the "We, Three Kings" Trophy is acquired via luck, with the Daily Super Slot.
Even in the Trophies's description it's called: Daily Super Slot.
Not in the Italian version, where it's called just Super Slot.
But let's stick for a second with the English description.
You know where I am heading, right?

Daily Super Slot
Daily. Super Slot.
It's not written that have to be forcefully a free, Daily Super Slot.
Just, Daily.

So why not allow Us, Players to buy some Time Travel Tickets that will allow Us to "jump forward in time" and earning the equivalent of 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and more spins!?

With a cost, of course.

Here's some examples for the price and cost of the Tickets, considering the average winnings of the Super Daily Slot and the price of normal Chips.
Prices in Dollars or Euros, it's the same:

1) 10 spins   - 2,99.
2) 20 spins   - 4,99.
3) 50 spins   - 9,99.
4) 100 spins - 15,99.
5) 150 spins - 19,99.

Basically, to reach 200 spins You should pay for every Ticket 60,00 - 50,00 and so on in this order.
And to Me, seems pretty fair!
The more You buy, the less You should pay for.
But the decision if of course Yours, Digital Leisure.

Oh. And because Time Travel Tickets have 3 "T" in the Name, maybe You could give to all buyers a nice TTT ot T.T.T. Icon, Shirt, or anything correlated. big_smile

Some digressions and thoughts about this idea.

While the Super Slot being Daily should be an equalizer to all the Players that get a chance to get some Chips via a spin, let's remain honest, here: it's still a Casino.
Virtual? Yes.
But still a Casino.
While You could indeed get to play a little around with the free amount of Chips the Casino gives to You, You'll still have to pay to buy those Chips, in order to get the real Experience.
So, the point is: it's not a pay for win game - even if in a sense it is - but it's a pay to enjoy Game, Experience and more than ever - a Service.
An Online Service, for all the Players out there that didn't realize that this Service have to be sustained somehow otherwise it will collapse on it's Own costs.

So definitely, this is My idea.
Hope You'll appreciate it and hope to hear some feedback from everyone!

At least in My mind, it sound nice, fun and You and Us both would gain some benefits from this.

Don't know, what You - Developers, Staff and Players think about this?

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