Technical Issues



Why can’t I login?
There may be a few reasons why you cannot log in:

  • Check to make sure that your broadband internet connection is stable.
  • Our servers could be down for maintenance. Please try again after the servers return to an operational status.
  • If you have committed a bannable offense your account may be temporarily or permanently suspended.
  • The PlayStation Network may be down

If our servers are down, we will do our best to notify you by posting an update on the forums.

Can I change my username?
On PlayStation and Xbox, your username is always tied to your online ID or gamertag for that platform — you can change those outside of Four Kings and they will automatically update to match in-game.

If you're playing on Steam or Nintendo Switch, shoot us an email at with your current username and what you'd like to change it to (usernames may only be changed once every 6 months).

What happens if I get disconnected and lose chips?
If you get disconnected from The Four Kings due to an unforeseen error or disconnect submit a Chip Error report and we will refund your buy in. We cannot refund winnings. Please do not abuse this honor based system. We trust our users to be responsible when it comes to requesting chip refunds. We have the right to refuse refund requests if we feel that a user is abusing the system.

How do I report a bug?
The button to report bugs can be found in the settings menu, which you can get to by pressing OPTIONS on your controller, then selecting "Settings" in the top menu bar, and then Bug Report.

Once you press the button, you will have a text input box available to you and several pull down menus. You can use these to fill in details about the bug you encountered, these will help us find and fix the bug faster.

And thank you for helping us make the game better!