Daily Task Removal


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Hi there,

I have no problem doing the Daily tasks, they are a fun little challenge that keeps me coming back to the game.
However, there is one task in particular, "Invite a friend to your hotel room" which I find a total pain.
My PSN friends have moved on to the game, so I have to ask randos in the club to help me out whenever this task is up,
sometimes I find a decent person sometimes I don't, it's just a drag.

Please kindly consider removing this task from the daily tasks, it's just very annoying.  I know I can't be alone in this, thanks.



You aren't alone.  You're probably more in the majority on this one.  It's been asked before that this task just simply be removed.  As the line between realism and make believe become more blurred, people tend to react similarly to what's asked of them in a video game as they would in real life.  When you ask someone to you hotel room, there is a feeling that comes over most people that it's for a reason that you wouldn't discuss with someone in church on Sunday.

Then, you have this whole other realm of people who stalk certain age groups and ask them to do certain tasks.  While the task in itself is harmless, the implication of inviting a minor to your make believe hotel room to someone in this world is tapping that fine line between a social encounter and pedophilia.  One of these days, somehow and someway, this action will get someone in trouble.

I've actually gotten to the point now, that when this task comes up, I don't even complete it.  I don't care if I've done every task for months, I just simply won't do this task.  There is no need for it, and I don't like to bother others or give others the wrong impression.  Believe me, spend just 30 minutes in the nightclub and you will stumble upon a discussion where someone has taken someones verbiage to heart enough to cause a problem.  No need to add more tension to the already boiling pot by asking someone who believes this is real life to your hotel room.

Again, just my thoughts on this.



I look at it as a video game.  Since everybody in the game is anonymous to me unless I know them personally, it shouldn't be a big deal to invite them to a virtual room to complete a task.  For those people that think there is some sort of realism based to this simple video game task, those people probably shouldn't even be playing video games.  Its the same as asking other people that you see in a multiplayer game, join you in a coop mission such as with the uncharted series.  If they can't handle it, they shouldn't be playing.