Hotel Room Invite Bug



This appears to be an ongoing issue whenever I'm answering multiple hotel room invites for the daily task. This is after I finish the task, and start getting invites (sometimes marked as friend requests) and I try to select them in the menu. They become unresponsive and several other friends appear to be switching to invites. At this point I give up on answering the invites and continue with the game. Please fix this in a future update.

Here's an odd one, last night I transported to two empty hotel rooms - owners were nowhere to be found.

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I've seen this exact same thing happen as well.  On top of that, when the friend logs off, you still have an invite request on your screen that you can't remove.  Turns out the only option at that point is to log out of the casino and then log back in.  If there is an invitation being sent by a friend, and they log out, the invitation request should be deleted.



Happens to me as well.