Games and Tournaments



How do I get chips?

  • There are a number of ways to get free chips:
  • Login! Every day you get 500 chips just for logging in. This is increased every day up to 1,000 Chips.
  • Every 15 minutes, you can collect 250 chips from the Chip Terminal
  • Each day you can spin the Daily Super Slot to win 250 – 10,000 free chips
  • Complete a daily task – daily tasks are easy to complete and give 200 free chips
  • Complete all daily tasks – you get 500 free chips the first time you complete all your daily quests, this is increased every day up to 1,000.
  • Weekly tasks award 2000 chips upon completion.
  • Earning a new global tier awards chips every time. Games award chips every 5 tiers.
  • Play Free Daily Poker and Win!
  • There are multiple free Bingo games throughout the day. Look for the pop-up message and head over!

What are the sizes of the chip packs?
Chips can be purchased in the following pack sizes:
5,000 chips
50,000 chips
150,00 chips
400,000 chips
1,000,000 chips (includes exclusive Jackpot Reward item)
2,500,000 chips (includes instant VIP status)

How many chips do I have?
There are a couple locations where you can see your chips. When your avatar stops moving, or when your avatar stands next to a game, your nameplate will appear over your avatar’s head. The value will be displayed next to the blue chip icon. You can also view your holdings by opening up the main menu. Your chip holdings, RP, Free Spins and VIP Guest Passes will be displayed on the bottom bar of the menu.

What are tasks?
Tasks are a great way to score bonus chips throughout the week. You’ll notice in the top right corner of your screen there is a notebook icon with a checkmark – this is your task tracker. You can select any of the tasks directly for more details on what you earn for completing each task. You’ll even be awarded additional chips for completing the full set of daily tasks and returning each day to complete more. We highly recommend you complete them, they are too easy not to!

How do I join a  game?
To join a game, position your avatar next to the game you wish to join. Press the X button to join and your avatar will sit down at the game. There will need to be an empty seat available, and you’ll need to have enough chips to make the minimum bet.

How do tournaments work?
Tournaments will happen at least once a week. Tournaments all have their own leaderboards and players will be rewarded based on their placing on the leaderboard. The more people that participate in the tournament the bigger the prize pool will be. Most of our tournaments have different formats and you can find the details on our forums. The details of the featured tournament will be at the top of the board.

Tournaments give everyone a chance to win big, even if you don’t have a huge amount of chips to spend.

Are all the games available in the main lobby?
Not all of the games are in the main lobby. Blackjack, Poker, and Bingo all have their own special rooms that you can access from the main lobby. The VIP Lounge has an exclusive game for high rollers, as well as high stakes versions of games from the rest of the casino.

What is RP?
RP or “Reward Points” are earned by playing games throughout the Casino. These points are used to buy items and other rewards from the shops on the upper levels. RP is awarded based on how many chips you win from a game. RP is awarded slightly differently for each game, so you will be able to earn RP at the same rate regardless of which game you want to play.

The total RP you earn from games is also used to calculate your tier for rewards, and your leaderboard rank.

Are these games rigged?
No, the games are not rigged. All games follow common casino rules, and are randomized to the best of our ability. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Good luck!

What is the best way to earn RP?
There is no “best” way to earn RP, but some games are definitely better than others. Here are some tips:

Bet within your limit. You earn more RP for betting higher, but that won’t do you any good if you run out of chips. You will not win every hand, so its important that your bank roll is able to absorb some losses. A good rule of thumb is to never bet more than 10% of your bank roll unless you have to.
Research the game before you start betting big. If you’re not familiar with a game, don’t start throwing chips at it right away. Play a few rounds with low bets to see how it works.
Avoid bets with a bad house edge. This will require some research on your part, but try to avoid bets which pay out very infrequently. Some examples – Hardway bets in craps, tie bets in war and baccarat, Big 6 Wheel. It’s fine to throw a few chips at these bets once in a while, but don’t rely on them to earn RP.
Poker is the only game which consistently depends on player skill. If you’re good at poker, you can earn a lot of RP by playing poker.

How do I play game....?
We have a help menu in the game which explains how to play each game. This can be found by opening the main menu, selecting Options and then clicking on the “?” to open the help menu.

What are game Tiers?
Game Tiers are a measure of how much RP you have earned in each game. Every 5 tiers, you will be awarded Chips and RP. After reaching Tier 40 in a game, you will receive a game-specific item!

There are also Global tiers which measure how much RP you have earned from any game in the Casino. Every time you reach a new Global tier, you receive free chips. When you reach Tier 40 Global, there is also an exclusive item reward.

How do leaderboards work?
Leaderboards in the Casino measure your Score, which is a total of how much RP you have earned at that game. You can check the leaderboards by reading the various screens scattered around the Casino, or by pressing OPTIONS, selecting the “Profile” icon, then the “Leaderboards” tab. At the end of the season players who place on the leaderboards are awarded exclusive prizes.

Also, at the end of a season, leaderboard progress is reset, giving you another chance to reach the top, or try a different game!