Need some advice



I love to collect everything.  What is the best way to grind craps for 40k rp?

I just want to do the same bet over and over, so what is the best bet to make?

I am confused because the best bet in terms of odds is supposed to be dont pass.  But i read there is another bet with 0 house odds.  Thanks to anyone who can demystify.

Also, the sharks in fish n chips...

Is there a strategy?  I have tried dozens of times.  Thanks!



The best craps bet is Don't Pass or Don't Come and then place the maximum bet on the Don't Pass Odds/Don't Come Odds as long as craps isn't rolled. 

While this is the bet best it will take longer to get to 40K RP as it takes longer to play than the single roll bets such as field bets.



Guys how do i make the second bet in craps he is describing?  Cant find on the craps table.  Thanks.