High Rollers: why I'm taking a break



Love the game, love my avatar, but it is time to move on.

Forget the hundreds of bonus rounds trying to beat the shark.  That was fun in a way.

I saved up for 3 months for the hiĺl climb.  Now I have no chance of winning due to high rollers.  I can't afford 80k a roll on craps, which means I cant compete for the hill climb anymore.  All the time I spent to prepare was essentially wasted. 

If only the update had been next week... but bad luck is all I seem to get.

Thanks for the fun times though.



Good luck all.

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Couldn't agree more. I'm officially done and not wasting my time anymore. After regularly logging in daily to try and win the We Three Kings trophy for over 6 months now it's time to quit. This high roller update seems like their last shot to get people to spend real money on this game

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I thought the update was poorly timed as well, but I'd certainly say it was intentional.  On second thought though, I don't see why anyone in their right mind would want to do the hill climb.  Even if you win millions for placing at or near the top, you might be lucky to break even.  Unless you had incredible luck spanning 5 days, the casino is all but guaranteed to drain your chips.  Just estimating, but I'd say you'd lose an average of 100k or so an hour while max betting in high roller on most games (craps/roulette would be closer to 200k an hour).  Multiply that by the countless hours you actually have to play and you get some huge losses.  My guess is that if you get anything less than a 5 million prize payout, you probably lost chips overall.  I was looking forward to hill climb, but didn't realize how costly it'd be to compete (even before high rollers).  I think I may only play the blackjack event because it actually involves some strategy (the way I play at least) instead of who has the highest amount of chips and money to spend like in hill climb and survivor poker to a certain extent.

Gave it a try though; the odds seem really bad on WAR on this game.  Really makes me wonder if the odds are shifted for these events... On a game that should be 50/50 in terms of winning a hand (excluding ties), I won 42% through 200 hands.  I get that bad luck streaks happen, but I got up and left to come back.  All three times my win percentage was 42, 42, and 43%.  Seems pretty weird.  I would have expected more variation in my win rates if it was just an unlucky roll.

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