High Rollers Room - April Update is now LIVE



Four Kings Casino Update 1.14

High Rollers room now open!
We've added a brand new area to the casino - the High Rollers room! This space is open to players VIP 2 or higher. Play your favorite games at super high-limit tables in a luxurious new setting!

Look for the entrance to the left of the main stairs into the Lobby. The full list of high-limit games you'll find here: Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, and War.

More rewards to earn!
There are also 3 new Trophies to earn by playing in the High Rollers room. Collect them all to show you're one of the Four Kings' top elite!

Best of luck to all our high rollers!

Additional Notes:
•    Noblility 9 now available!
•    Corrected a variety of memory issues based on crash reports
•    Updated Blackjack for additional gameplay stability

Thanks for your continued feedback as we continue to work to make improvements for speed and reliability.



Maybe it would be nice to make apartments on themes, such as a halloween apartment, a christmas apartment, or just some more apartments, we only have two, and the apartments are so nice (translated by google translate)



Thanks for those suggestions glenn! We're always looking for feedback on new ideas. Positive and constructive feedback is always welcome on the forums.



My feedback isnt positive but it is intended to be helpful.  Hopefully we can see some changes.

The game has declined.  Buying 1 million chips isnt close to enough if you play any large bets.  You can spend 50 bucks and lose it all in a half hour or less.  You can buy a whole new game for that amount.  I want to play 4 kings but question if the players are getting a good value.  The cost to play seems prohibitive.  Sorry but playing minimum bets and free games that reward 0 rp is not fun for me.

Instead of competing based on luck or dedication now the game is about who has the most money to spend.  DL said they regretted war getting into regular VIP because the even playing field was ruined.  Why then put it in high rollers too?

I was content to spend 50 maybe even 100 a month to play the game.  Enough is enough though the greed is out of control.  There was adequate competition already with the top 10 leaderboard without adding more.  Suddenly I need to spend even more to stay competitive?

Also, the 250 chip station is a joke when max bets are 40k.  You will never get anywhere. 

Also they are making the game even harder as in the example of bowling. 

Finally, i will echo the frustration of achievements that sèem nearly impossible to get or out of the control of the player.

I get you are striving to be realistic, but does the game have to be so frustrating?  Can't you make more money by making the game more fun, relaxing, and enjoyable?  People would spend more if they felt valued.

This was intended to be constructive.  I will be impressed if you actually make any changes back to the old 4 kings.  Thanks for reading.

Make high rollers poker and blackjack only, take out war, roulette, craps
Award more daily spins
Revert back bowling to make strikes easier
Make the unlockable items less difficult to get, maybe require 100 bonus rounds for fish and chips rather than passing the bonus round for example
More free chips, 250 is not enough
Free poker and bingo reward RP
More chips for the money

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Thanks for the clear feedback and thoughts on your experience in game. I think we need to take a moment to discuss how a free-to-play experience is designed to ensure players have an enjoyable time. As a free-to-play game has no upfront costs, anyone may download and try out the product. Many will download, but only some will continue to play and even fewer may even spend one dollar. Now because this is model for the game, it's important to understand there are multiple levels / types of players in game at any point. Some are extremely casual and will simply come to play a daily free poker and collect their free chips and slowly make their way through the game. Others may be more inclined to jump right in and start playing for hours and paying for additional chips/items for a more premium experience.

Like any product, if you enjoy it you'll want to become more involved and be a member of the community - and that's wonderful. That being said, you can be an active member and not have to purchase a million chips or make big bets. You question if players are getting good value and we know they are. We review the overall play metrics and see the hours spent in game and what the average cost of that experience is. Like any entertainment option, you put a value on the time/money proposition. Some people will spend $15 on a 2 hour movie and say "That was great" and are satisfied. Another person may spend $20 on a new novel and sit for many hours reading and upon its completion say "Wow, what an adventure".

You say "Sorry but playing minimum bets and free games that reward 0 rp is not fun for me." which is your personal feeling. Others may not have this problem; it really depends on what you want out of the game. But yes, to maintain a lead on any video games leaderboard requires extreme dedication and the same goes with Four Kings.

Regarding the 250 free chips given every fifteen minutes, they are designed to ensure that everyone can play any game without having to spend real dollars day one. Users also get chips from the Daily Super Slots, Logging In daily, Completing Tasks, Tiering Up, Hidden Chips, redeeming bonuses from the Rewards Calendar and even a Daily Free Poker game. But as mentioned above, these can take time and if you want to get right in the game we have chip packs so you can get gaming straight away.

I'm sorry you feel frustrated, that is certainly not the intention of any entertainment product. But as a game-as-service product we will continue to add new games and gaming areas to keep things fun and fresh. Naturally, it's impossible to keep everyone happy with every change as all users have different in-game motivations. But we certainly try to think of everyone that comes to play.

Many of the items you suggest have been put in place throughout the games short history. In fact, the Reward Calendar was added so people can get more free chips, free RP, additional Daily Spins and even VIP passes. This was added after many suggested we should have more ways to earn free stuff.

Again, we appreciate yours and everyone else's constructive feedback and support of the product. Knowing there are people so passionate about the game makes us want to work harder everyday and keep creating a community you want to be apart of.



New member

I just joined to specifically reply to this post by DL Paul.
Very good reply. I've been playing your game for a few months now and it has taken over all my gaming time. (Almost). My wife hates you guys. Like seriously she wants me to delete your game.

I can say this I have spent more time with 4 kings than I have on any other ps4 game or any other game going back to the ps2. Probably well over 300+ hours. Easily.
The best part is, I haven't spent a single cent on your game. Not one penny.

I am VIP 2 and nobility 2. 

The value is there for sure. Best experience for the price. 

anyways, Continued success and I can't wait to get home and complete the daily tasks to earn more chips!

Oh and one more thing.
I too haven't gotten the three kings trophy to pop and I have hit it numerous times.
Just thought I'd add that in. lol

Great Game.