High Rollers Room in Relation to the rest of Casino



I know this is dumb but the High Rollers Room can't possibly where it's currently located. See, the Bowling Alley is essentially on the same level as the Nightclub and the Nightclub is only four steps down from the level of the hallway which leads to the main floor. The hallway which leads to the High Rollers Room is on the same level as the one that leads to the Nightclub and it ends in a pair of staircases which head down to the room. That would place the High Rollers Room beneath the Bowling Alley.

That wouldn't be a problem except that when you get to the High Rollers Room, you can look out the windows and see the sky. It would make more sense to have the High Rollers Room above the Bowling Alley and have the staircases go up. This would probably conflict with the main entrance area on Level 2 however.

EDIT: Just noticed there is a staircase down at the end of the hallway that leads to the Nightclub. That just makes matters worse as the High Rollers Room and the Bowling Alley are in the same location.

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