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I have a question/feedback..
I play Four Kings Casino already couple of months and specially Keno.. I want to ask if u guys can maybe change a small thing in your next update? If u can add a button to the Keno slots wich we can play faster (let the balls fall faster or speed up 2x) It would be much more fun if we can play faster sometimes if needed smile



This would be awesome!!

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Good Idea


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Still nothing changed in Keno only more lag and more problems and no new features.. Please add some of my suggestions soon!!!

- more automatic keno plays (instead of 10, give the option to choose 25 or 50 or 100)
- more bet on keno (2000)
- more daily tasks or more weekly tasks
- faster Bingo numbers
- option to faster keno numbers

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Keno like most games on this game are set by programmers ,  has nothing to do with odds or luck -  during certain times it hits (regardless of what you pick)  other times it will miss 95% of the time.  Notice if you pick all 70's you will see a lot of 50's    then go and pick 50's and you will see a lot of 70's drop again.  It drops whatever you dont pick mostly.  Some times the machine will let you win for a certain amount of time, but often they will go long periods of time where whatever you select you are going to lose - they look at what you have won in past week etc, then set a probability level for you that is decreased (hoping you will buy chips to play more) -   other times they will let you win,  so when they put the lose cycle back in you will lose it all and buy chips from them.

The only way to play this game without the programmers deciding when you win and dont win is if you play poker against other people (or bingo).   but you will need chips for that and if you are on during the extended period of time they decide you should lose 95% of what you play, you will have to stand around and get your free chips without playing anything for half a day so you can play 1 game of 5000 chip poker.  Notice that there are not a lot of people playing this game anymore.  It is not fun to log in wait for 250 chips, then play 2 to 3 games of something that loses and wait 12 more minutes for enough to play 3 more games.  If the odds were normal i wouldn't mind,  but the programmers decide - and they ultimately want you to pay to play.



As we've stated many times before, we don't change the odds on any of our games for anyone. We've also done an in-depth explanation of the odds of Keno in other threads on these forums. You are welcome to check those out if you want to see the math behind them.