Craps improvements


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Just some ideas on how to improve the craps experience:

* Add 4-way Horn bet (bet on 2,3,11,12 split 4 ways) e.g. 100 would put 25 on each
* For place bets: allow rebet or set value to previous value. E.g. bet 100 on 4, roll 4, win 180, click on 4 again, it will show 5 on the bet screen, but should probably default to the previous bet of 100.
* Be able to configure default values for bets. Currently this is persisted in-game, but it sometimes gets annoying resetting these things after quitting the game.
  * Pass/Come/Field/Odds
  * Any 7/Any Craps
  * Hard ways
  * Horn bets
  * Place 4/5/6/8/9/10


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I would like for them to change the base values of bets to correspond to the fact you have to bet 100+ on the pass or field.
so normally you do $5 pass, $5 field, $44 across, or whatever so make those minimum numbers reflect across the board.
so either x20 everything or take it all down to lower levels. instead as it stands you do 100 on pass yet somehow have the option to do 6 on 6/8 like wtf???



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