A question for people who have not bought chips



How do you do it?  I want to keep playing without spending more money.  The free chips are not enough for me to get the rewards i would like.  Maybe there is a strategy?

How can i keep playing, get the rewards, and not go broke?

Thank you.

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I don't really have good strategies as I am sometimes lucky sometimes (like today and earlier this month) not so much.

Can tell how to earn free chips: So they happen every 15 minutes on the dot so. Let's say in one hour 4:00 / 4:15 / 4:30 / 4:45 ... etc.
Then depending on your log in time hidden chips also happen 2 times an hour somewhere in-between one of the 15 minute points. They are a bit trickier to get as you need to find them first.

So one way could be that you have to clean up your room or where ever you got your PS4 or PC (or take a tablet/vita or something to play on the playstation in an other room) ok so do your house chores and stay a little active on the casino while doing things and cash in the free chips every 15 minutes. + the hidden ones at the in-between mark.
Better or more fun option to earn chips would be chatting with a friend or chatty randoms if you like to be social.
And then if you are very lucky you may win something too if you do play smile One shot at free chips is always free bingo (I don't always play, but sometimes I do and had luck there for about 3 times... good it's not often, but free is free + the more often you do play free bingo games chances are that you win more often too).