A couple things I'd like to see....


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More sunglasses! A majority of people wear them and theres only a couple of styles available. I've been wishing for classic Ray-ban's or more square styles for myself, colored frames or the ability to color them would be nice also.

Pachinko machines. I played Pachipara in JP Home and Fish and Chips is quite similar in style, it would be nice to have something new and different.

Access to the pool in VIP 2. It really irks me that we get to look at it but can't go near it. Would like a bathing suit reward in VIP 2 and pool access, maybe sell some swimsuits also in an exclusive VIP 2 store.

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I also would like to see some arcade games and crane games for the bowling alley. You can get some nifty rewards, even on the crane game.

Also, I would love to see a Movie Theater to show some of your trailers and upcoming sneak peeks on what's coming soon to the casino. Perhaps slide in some rewards for watching the shows. wink

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