Accessory and Exit Effects Ideas -



This is for anybody that has any ideas on any Accessory's and or Exit effects for DL to consider in making!!

As for me -

I'd like to suggest These -

The Lightning Accessory can be like the Fire trail, but with Lightning sparks trailing behind ya Avi.

Another Lightning Accessory can be like the sparkler one, but with Lightning sparks, maybe something that resembles Raiden from MK lolz

And for the Exit Effect, A Lightning Exit something kinda like The Fire Meteor strike but with a Lighting strike / sparks of course lolz

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I think a flower petal trail would be good or something like that.

Please offer male rings. It would be cool if you had a package where you could have a ring on every finger, on both hands. An urban look.

When Are You Guys Gonna Release A Nobility 6 Reward Outfit? I Hope It's Better Than The Nobility 4 Reward Outfit.
Thank you,