Millionar manor wild bug




1st of all id like to thanks the team for this game i like alot. many game of the casino are great but maby the bowling that could be better lol

also im french so sorry if my english is sometimes not very good

i think there is a general problem with wilds in the millionar manor slot. or mayby theres domething different from other slots i didnt understund

i often have a 5 column reward really poor than it should or soletimes even no reward at all. each time wilds are involved.

for example i had à round with wilds on 1,2.4 and 5 columns and a ghost in the middle and no reward at all.

other times i have 2 lines of the statue (demon on tops of building) and should get 2x 750. but i win what? maybe 90...

si i dont know

thank you for your help



i update my report

not only wilds have a problem. i just had the same ghost on the four firsts columns and got no rewards

i play on ps4



sorry i finnaly understoond
there isn’t as many lines than the other slots machines