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I've had a lot of fun playing a particular table game at the casino I live near and think a LOT of players would have just as much fun if it were implemented into the game. As the title shows, it's the highly popular Ultimate Texas Hold'Em.

What makes it so fun is that players aren't playing against each other at the table, but going head to head against the dealer (like in Blackjack). For those who have never played it, I'll describe Ultimate Texas Hold'Em briefly.

It plays a lot like Poker, using a single deck which is shuffled before every hand, but with a few slight differences. One of those being that since you're playing against the dealer instead of each other, multiple players (possibly every player) at the table can win a hand. Another difference is that there is no calling or raising. Players place an initial wager, and then can make only ONE additional bet, which I'll explain in a moment.

The game consists of several possible bets. The first is the Ante and Blind. On the table, you'll see it as ANTE = BLIND, because both must be bet equally. Betting the Ante, you automatically wager an equal amount on the Blind. The Play bet is, like the name says, where your wager is placed when/if you decide to play your hand. The amount wagered is determined by when you choose to play your hand and how much your Ante is, so there's no need to try and decide how much you should bet.

Before the Flop: 4x Ante.
After the Flop: 2x Ante.
After the River/Turn: 1x Ante.

The other wager that can be made at the beginning before any cards are given out is an optional 'bonus' bet called Trips. This one has an interesting twist to it: The dealer's hand DOES NOT MATTER with this bet - only what YOU have.

Here's how it works. Once every player at the table has made their initial bet, they each receive their two hole cards. The dealer then receives his/her hole cards (both face down), and then the 5 community cards are laid out, also face down. At this point, each player chooses to either check or play their hand. Again, note that only ONE play bet can be made. Playing at this point, before even seeing the flop, you automatically bet 4x whatever your Ante wager was.

Once all players have made their decision, the Flop is done in typical poker fashion as three of the community cards are revealed. At this point, if you didn't play before the Flop was done, you have another chance to either check or play. Playing here, you bet 2x your Ante. Once all players have made their decision, the other two community cards are revealed. One last time, any player who has not yet played has a decision to make. This time, you either have to play for 1x your Ante or fold.

The dealer's cards are then revealed and the individual showdowns take place. The Ante wins if the player beats the dealer's hand, pushes when there is a tie or the dealer does not qualify (dealer needs at least a pair to qualify), and loses when the dealer beats the player's hand. The Blind is paid on player's winning hands which are a Straight or better. Anything lower and on tied hands will push, and loses when dealer beats the player's hand. The Play wins if the player beats the dealer, pushes on tied hands, and loses when dealer has a better hand. As for the optional Trips bet, that's a simple win or lose situation. As I mentioned before, the dealer's hand DOES NOT MATTER in regards to Trips. This one is paid out if the player has 3 of a Kind or better. Anything lower than that, the bet loses.

That's basically it. Fairly simple, right? There's no need to bluff, since players at the table are going head to head against the dealer, not each other, multiple players at the table can win a hand, and the only decisions you really have to make are how much to wager on the Ante/Blind and (if you choose to) Trips, and when to play your hand. Seriously, this game is FUN!!!

Here are the payouts for the main bets:
Ante and Play (remember, the Play bet is determined by when you do so: 4x, 2x, or 1x) pays 1:1. The Blind payout is as follows: Straight, 1:1; Flush, 3:2; Full House, 3:1; Four of a Kind, 10:1; Straight Flush, 50:1; Royal Flush, 500 to 1. The payout on Trips is as follows: 3 of a Kind, 3:1; Straight, 4:1; Flush, 7:1; Full House, 8:1; Four of a Kind, 30:1; Straight Flush, 40:1; Royal Flush, 50:1. Anything lower than a Straight pushes, and loses if the dealer has a better hand.

Here's an example of how the game works: A player sits down at the table. The minimum Ante bet is 100 chips (we're in the low limit room, after all!) with the max being 2000. Playing for the first time, he/she makes a minimum Ante bet of 100, so 200 chips total are wagered, since both ANTE and BLIND have to be played.

The cards are then dealt out. The player gets a Jack of Spades and an 8 of Hearts as his/her hole cards, so decides to check the first round. The Flop is turned over, revealing a 5 of Diamonds, a 7 of Clubs, and an 8 of Clubs. Seeing that he/she has a pair, the player decides to play. 200 more of his/her chips go to the Play circle (remember, after the Flop, the Play wager is 2x the Ante). The last two community cards are then revealed: a 2 of Hearts and a King of Clubs. The dealer's cards are then flipped over, showing a 2 of Diamonds and a 5 of Spades. The player has a pair and the dealer has two pair. The dealer wins the hand, so the player loses his/her Ante, Blind, and Play bets. If another player were at the table, he/she would have their own showdown against the dealer's two pair hand.

How about one more? Let's get creative! This time, two players sit down at the table. The first puts down 100 on the Ante (again, 200 total, since ANTE and BLIND must both be played) and 100 on Trips. The second player puts down 500 on the Ante (so another 500 automatically goes on the Blind) and also decides to wager 1000 chips on Trips. Now, the first player gets his/her hole cards - a Jack of Spades and a King of Clubs. The second player gets a 4 of Clubs and 4 of Diamonds. The first player checks, while the second player, having a pair of 4's, immediately plays his/her hand. Since it's before the Flop, the Play bet is an automatic 2000 chips (Pre-Flop = 4x Ante). The Flop is then turned over, revealing a Queen of Hearts, Ace of Hearts, and 10 of Clubs. Seeing that he/she has a Straight, the first player Plays... that's an automatic 200 chips (2x Ante). The last two community cards are turned over, revealing a 10 of Hearts and a 4 of Spades. The dealer's cards are then flipped, showing a Jack of Hearts and a 7 of Hearts.

In that scenario, Player One has a Straight, Player Two has a Full House, and the dealer has a Flush. The first player lost the Ante, Blind, and Play, since the dealer's Flush beat his/her Straight. But even though those wagers were lost (400 chips total), he/she STILL came out slightly ahead, winning 100 chips, because he/she won the Trips bet, since a Straight pays out at 4:1 (400 chips) and he/she retained the Trips bet. The second player not only won his/her Ante and Play bets, he/she also won the Blind for not only beating the dealer's hand but also having a Straight or better. And having bet on the optional Trips as well, won THAT wager too!

How much did the second player win in total? Well, the Ante and Play bets pay 1:1, so 500 for the Ante and 2000 for the Play. A Full House pays 3:1 on the Blind, so that's another 1500. And the Trips pays 8:1 on a Full House, so he/she wins 8000 chips. From the 4000 chips total that were wagered, the second player wins 12,000 chips, in addition to keeping all of his/her initial bets!

To any of the game devs who read this, I really hope you'll take a look at Ultimate Texas Hold'Em and think of implementing this SERIOUSLY fun and exciting table game. I know it would take some time to code, but I honestly believe it would be worth it. I'm CERTAIN it would garner far more attention than Ring Poker, which in all fairness isn't really very popular. Probably because it's the same poker game, we're just using our own chips instead of 'buying in'. When I go into the low limit Poker room, often the Ring Poker tables are empty. The same is true in the VIP and High Rollers rooms. I wouldn't get rid of them completely, but turning half of those Ring Poker tables into Ultimate Texas Hold'Em tables would certainly draw a crowd. Or perhaps put a few tables in the two side rooms (low limit Poker room), and for the VIP and High Rollers sections, turn one of the two Ring Poker tables into an Ultimate TH table. Just my two chips suggestion. *tosses a few chips into the suggestion hat*

** Please note ** The list of payouts are NOT made up. They are all the ACTUAL payouts from the casino near me.

Players, if you've played Ultimate Hold'Em Poker either online or in a casino, or you think it sounds like it would be a fun addition, please leave a comment so the devs can see that there's more than just me who would like to see this added! Thank you!


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