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It would be nice to have pigtails as a hairstyle. Also, MORE COLORS please smile



Thought I would post this here as well in case my other post is missed plus seems like the appropriate place.

Loving the new Japanese inspired clothing pack! Thank you very much!!! smile

Here are some other Japanese/Asian inspired clothing recommendations which I would love seeing you guys add in the future

-Sakura Cherry blossom tree falling leaf effect
-Samurai Armor outfit with helmet
-Ninja top with swords on back
-Ninja mask
-Japanese inspired face masks
-Katana Swords
-Bare Torso with kanji tattoos
-Dragon tattoo muscle tank top
-Student School Uniform
-Sailor school uniforms
-Edo Era Japanese hairstyles
-Anime inspired hairstyles
-Anime inspired costume outfit
-Karate outfit
-Kung Fu outfit
-Chinese floral dress
-Chinese Bamboo hat
-More Kimono designs
-Bo Staff hand item
-Rice ball hand item
-Cat ears
-Traditional Japanese Bow added to emotes
-Panda/Mini Ninja companion

All of these would go perfect with this set! Hope you guys add these in the future!

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Great suggestions! smile



Yeah, I do love these sets Omega put out. I second this! ^^



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