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Does anyone else think that the tournaments are rigged?
When participating in them the odds seem to be different that everyday play. Before long, chips are leaving faster that they can be accumulated, leading to a chip deficit. Continued participation may require a chip purchase to further along and remain in contention. Participating is something I'm inclined to do, unfortunately it appears to be an attempt to tender a chip purchase. How is it that accumulating chips is not a problem until tournament participation? Ultimately leaving me feeling ripped off and insulted.



They will just tell you it is a random experience.  Sorry bud.

I played for 2 weeks 10 plus hours per day, easily 150 hours, and have not won ghostly eyes.  I am not spending any real money until i finally win.

There seems to be no element of skill and everything is outside your control.  I have been playing another game, started out bad, but now I am pretty darn good.  Four kings is not like that.  Does not seem to matter how much effort you put in for the rewards.

Someone told me she got ghostly eyes in 7 spins, and i have probably spun 70,000 times with no luck.

I guess you like four kings or you dont.  As an ocd completionist, the game for me has been a huge exercise in frustration recently.  The game uses basic neurobiology and psychology to be as addicting as possible too.  Even though I am aware of this, it is incredibly hard to stop playing.

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