VIP Poker VS Normal Poker


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VIP Poker has had issues for the last week. It seems like you're attempting to fix the issue given the new ways the table behaves. And behaviour changes every few days (but never solves the problem) which is ridiculous. 1 Day we all have to leave + report... next fix, we either leave or get booted... now TBH I'm not sure what this is but I know it's BS. The sad thing here is ordinary Poker works fine, it's VIP Poker that doesn't... do I feel like a VIP? Not really, VIP's spend money, freebies may spend money.... But VIP's still get treated like no bodies. Home treated us like no bodies and where is Home now?.... BTW I don't think there's anything wrong with coding, it's server allocation. Give those that spend more cash, more server allocation.

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