About slots refunds and the bonus round



I have many times hit the bonus just to have the game freeze.

Are we supposed to request a refund just for 1 spin?

I really do not think this is palatable at all.  I typically spend and lose a ton of chips just to try to hit the bonus.  Then the bonus finally comes and does not work.

Problem is there is no way to know how much we would have won.

3000 chip for a max bet bonus does not seem fair.  There needs to be a policy regarding larger refunds.

50,000 or even 100,000 seems more fair.  Please can a developer comment?

Thank you.



If you've lost a buy-in, the best thing to do if you are missing chips is to submit a Chip Error Report through the in-game bug reporting tool. This allows us to collect all reports in one place, which means we can get to your request more quickly. A detailed report can also help us identify and squish any bugs in the code to prevent it from happening again, if that was the issue.  We can check your claim against our records, and if you lost a buy-in or regular holdings due to an unforeseen error or disconnect we will refund your buy in. We cannot refund winnings.

As stated in the pinned thread in Bugs and Known Issues, our policy is to refund only buy-ins and bets in these cases. I understand the frustration you might feel if you do experience issues during bonus rounds. In these cases it's helpful to fill out a detailed bug report or save a video with the Share button so we can nail down the cause of errors and get it fixed as soon as possible.