Blackjack Tournament



When: Friday, 8:00 PM EST to Sunday 8:00 PM EST

The blackjack tournament allows players to compete with a fixed number of chips, in a format similar to our slot tournament. Players will be able to buy into special tournament blackjack tables for 1000 chips. This will give them chips to use at the special event table. They will then play blackjack as normal. The game will keep track of how much they earn while playing with these chips.

The tournament will be divided into 2-hour segments. The player who earns the most in these two hour segments will be awarded chips based on how many people entered. The players who get the highest score for the weekend will also win additional prizes.

Some Quick Points:

  • Players will be given 5000 tournament chips to play with at the tournament table. (These chips are only used in the tournament)
  • Limits will be 50-2000
  • Players will not earn any RP outside of the tournament or use the tournament chips outside of the tournament ropes
  • The time limit on rounds will be 2 hours
  • Players will not be able to enter in the last 15 minutes of a session.
  • Players will be warned when there are 15 minutes left in the session. They will receive another warning at 10 minutes. And another at 5 minutes and every minute after that.
  • When a session ends, all players still playing will have their earnings recorded, and they will forfeit any remaining tournament chips.
  • Players may stand up in the middle of their session, but if they leave the designated blackjack tournament area, they will forfeit their remaining chips. Their earnings up to that point will be recorded.
  • Players may enter as many times as they want, but only their top score will count for each session (or for the weekend).



I see that the above post mentions that the tournament is divided into 2-hour segments which agrees with the info board outside the ropes. However, when playing, the timer is only one hour. What am I missing here?



For the last 4 months its always been each hour as well.  Perhaps at one time it was divided into 2 hour time frame and had been changed to 1 hour increments and was never corrected on the sign or this post.



Thank you. I've been coming to the casino on and off since beta but this was the first time I entered a tournament. I kind of figured that a change had been made at some point but wasn't really sure. I think the one hour time frame is a good length. Not sure I could handle a longer one.


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Thanks, it is really usfull

All for fun


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