The Block Function is supposed to make undesirable people invisible to you, and YOU invisible to them.

This is NOT happening.
Several times over the past 3 days, I have put rude, and harassing people on BLOCK, and I can no longer see them, BUT, they can STILL SEE ME!
I have had friends with me tell me that they are STILL HARASSING my avi by 'hump dancing' on top of me, or sitting down to "look under my skirt."

This is SEXUAL HARASSMENT. I HAVE reported them,
But WHAT GOOD is BLOCK, if it does not make you invisible to your harasser?

This has been witnessed by others on 3 separate occasions for me. If they had not told me, I would have thought BLOCK worked.
It doesn't.

This seriously needs to be addressed ASAP.
I will happily endure the "floating heads" of blocked people problem we had in BETA to this alternative.

Block needs to work BOTH WAYS, not just the person choosing the Block option from the menu.

If it is Either or, make it so that the person choosing BLOCK is invisible.
I don't care if I see them, if they can't see me. They can't harass me if they can't see me...
And if they are not harassing me, I don't care if I see them or not...

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