No chip refunds


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I've played four kings since 2015 or early 2016 on the ps4, can't remember exactly.
I love the game but the amount of bugs and glitches are frustrating me more and more and on top of that I get no chip refunds lol, they just ignore me or give me nothing back and I get the same message over and over.
I played vip poker where I couldn't press any button during poker (so automatically losing)
I played blackjack where freezes and/or not getting a card or not being able to double are very common to me
I played slots that freeze on me in the middle of a bonus round (nice)
So I request a chip refund when I get a issue like this but lately all I get is: Unfortunatly we can't refund your chips blabla pls contact (no respons from them either)
I've put a decent amount of money into the game over the years but I'm considering quitting the game, since four kings is basicly telling me F U.
Appearantly they just decline every single chip refund I make, when actual bugs and glitches are causing me to lose a large percentage of my roll.

Great expierence! Have a nice day.



Hello, the forums are not the best place for resolving issues like this. Please send us an email at regarding this. While it's rare, sometimes emails can get caught in the spam filter so feel free to send them again if you haven't received a response from us.