Decline of the casino


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Emails to tech support go unanswered.  Chip refund requests no longer are addressed.

I do enjoy poker, and have a pretty good win percentage,  However, any chips I earn are almost immediately lost playing slots.

I have spun “millionaire manor” over 1000 hours easily and not won.  I cannot stop because to do so would mean all the time I have played thus far is meaningless.  I know at one point it was possible to win.

I am certain the slot was modified so that close to the debut many people would get the eyes.  Subsequently, finding the ghosts was made impossible or nearly so.  The last video I could find is over a year old, of someone winning.

I lose and lose and lose with nothing to show for it.  Skill is not rewarded,  Dedication is not rewarded.  As a player I feel the developer is constantly slapping me in the face.  I am ashamed of how much time and money I have spent only to constantly lose.

I am extremely dismayed by this company’s insatiable greed and manipulation of users.  I cannot recommend this game to anyone.  It is a perverse.  There are many bad games.  This is the only game I have played that I would term evil.



The Ghostly Eyes reward is indeed one of the most rare items in the game, but it is not impossible to win, nor have we made any changes to the odds like you're claiming. When the slot is new, it's naturally more popular; which is why it might seem like it was easier to win the reward even if the odds are the same. As always, our goal is to provide an experience like you might find in a real casino - and naturally some particularly big wins (such as finding all of the ghosts) are very rare as a result. If you're not enjoying a particular slot, there's plenty of other games to play that might suit your tastes more.

We do process all of the chip refund requests we receive and while we make a point of answering all of our emails, we apologize if one happened to slip through the cracks or get caught in the spam filter. While rare, these things can happen.

We'd love to address your concerns via email at if you'd like to re-send your email - you can also drop us a direct message on Twitter @digitalleisure or our Facebook pages to follow up if you'd like.


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Yes, when you start playing, you can’t just stop, you want to win. But I try to control myself and when I play here in an online casino, I do not lose a lot of money.