ring poker payout issue


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I just discovered a problem with ring poker when you win the side pot by getting the someone to fold, but the main pot is won by someone else who was all-in previously.

I just sat down, first hand, 1000 chips, 2 other players.  Player 1 is on the button and limps in.  Player 2 is all-in preflop with their last 10 chips in the small blinds.  I check the big blind.  I get a straight on the turn and bet 250.  Player 1 calls.  I bet 350 on river and player 1 folds.  Cards are revealed and player 2 who only played his last 10 chips got a flush.

On the next hand, I had 990 chips, losing 10 chips.  I should have won the 250 chips minus rake that player 2 called on the turn.  Where did they go?  The 10 percent uncapped rake is already fairly high to be losing chips to players who fold in side pots.  I have a video of this happening if you'd to  tell me who to send it to.

EDIT:  I just looked at the video again and all the chips went to player 2, all 288.  I should have won the folded side pot.  Not to mention the extra chips from the preflop limps and blinds.  Player 2 should only have 30 chips minus the rake for the next hand, not 288.  This is completely wrong.

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If I understand you correctly, poker in 4 kings has always worked this way.

Imagine three players are remaining.  BB is 16k.  One is very short stack and goes all in with 2k.  The others call.  After the flop, imagine one of the larger stacks raises.  He gets called by the remaining player.  On the turn, the player who raised goes all in.  The remaining player folds.

Pre flop, the pot is 34k.  Post flop, 66k.  If the short stack wins at showdown, I think he will get the side pot too.  I am sure DL can confirm.


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If that's how DL means it to work, then they've done it wrong.  That's not how poker rules work and makes no sense.  Why should someone who starts a hand with 10 chips against 2 others end up with 288?  While the player who put themselves out there with more chips to get third player to call then fold get nothing?

Can someone from DL comment?



After reviewing this thread as well as footage provided from another player, there does seem to be an issue with the way side pots are paying out in poker games. Thank you for your reports, we'll get to work on fixing that!