Add Three Card Poker



To the DL crew:

I thought about a wonderful game that I like to request - Three Card Poker! ^^

The game itself is simple, easy to understand, and very fun to enjoy. I would also would like to add in a progressive jackpot if you hit yourself an A,K,Q of spades. If you haven't seen Three Card Poker or Progressive Three Card Poker before, you can always check YouTube videos or do research of the odds of winning those cards and the wins of Progressive Three Card Poker. Otherwise, you can just stick with regular Three Card Poker, but having Progressives can have the people play more to win the big money. In addition, every VIP and High Roller Three Card Poker can have different jackpot add-in ratios.

And think of the rewards you can make on big wins!!!!

I totally love playing Three Card Poker, and thought it would be cool to have in this game. wink



yes 3 card is a good game mississippi stud is another one , or let it ride is another good card game.


New member

3 card and/or Mississippi stud would be excellent additions



Out of interested what do think of video poker at the casino?